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The Epicorp Financial Group LLC was incorporated in the great state of Illinois on October 29th, 1999 as a limited liability company. Our President and CEO (photo on the left) graduated from the American Cash Flow Institute on July 8th, 1998 as a Certified Diversified Cash Flow Specialist and receiving a certificate as Certified Factoring Specialist on November 19th, 1999. We are certified to work within over seventy different income streams or debt instruments.

We are brokers and our mission is to help companies improve their cash flow without incurring any new debt. What follows are some of the instruments in which we are interested in obtaining funding for:

v Factoring- Invoices

v Accounts Receivable Financing

v Privately held mortgage notes

v Structured settlements

v Annuities

v Lottery winnings

There are over five hundred investment companies seeking these types of instruments for purchase. We and or these companies do not lend money, but rather purchase debt instruments created by an income stream.

If what you have read applies to you in some measure please provide contact information via the link below. We are eager to serve you and look forward to working with you.


Maintaining a healthy cash flow is a top priority for every business.Through the investment companies that we use , The Epicorp Financial Group LLC ,provides its Clients with immediate access to the cash they need for such purposes as paying suppliers, making payroll, funding tax deposits, or expanding their businesses

The manner in which we can get you cash is called factoring. By funding on creditworthy accounts receivable, cash is available immediately instead of you waiting 30-60 days or more to collect from your customers. When we are part of your cash flow solution, you receive:

Maximum cash advance. Up to a 90% initial cash advance. There are no up-front application costs and no hidden fees.

Flexibility. You choose to sell only the accounts you wish to sell when you need the working capital.

Value Added Services. By factoring, you incur no debt because there is no principal or interest to pay. Other benefits such as credit services help you decide with whom you should do business, how much credit to extend, and aid in assuring prompt payment on your invoices.

With our services, cash is available to you for expansion, for payroll and taxes, to offer credit terms, and for any other cash flow requirements you may have. If your company is a startup or if you are dealing with difficult financial circumstances like tax liens or Chapter 11, we can help.

If your company would benefit from receiving immediate working capital, please submit the contact form for a consultation without obligation.

The Epicorp Financial Group L.L.C

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  Edward Jolliff, dcfs,cfs   President & CEO



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